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You’re about to learn how to grow your Instagram to 100K followers organically in 6 months and how to monetize your new online brand with Digital Products. 

I started this back in 2019 and since then I’ve grown my personal accounts to 400K followers organically across IG, TikTok, Twitter, and Threads.

I’ve also helped clients add over +3 million followers to their accounts. 

I spent the last few years perfected the formulas and trainings. 

But it wasn’t always that way. 

I struggled to grow anything online “even tho I had the fancy marketing degree”. 

It sucked. Thought I’d never be able to figure it out. 

I’d buy the courses, download the free guides, watch all the YouTubes.

Still nothing. 

Until one day in May of 2019 that it clicked. 

It was 10K followers over the summer, then 100K in 12 months. 

So then I had a lot of followers but no money. 

Growing a big audience and not knowing how to monetize or what systems to put in place can be catastrophic for an online brand. 

Some more experimenting later and finally flipping the switch to start monetizing in October of 2021 and now we’re cruising to 5-figure course launches and $20k/months. 

You see, here’s the deal. 

These things take time. 

Sure it’s cool to go viral, but if you don’t have your systems in place, how are you going to capture that potential revenue? 

Or worse yet, you go viral for the wrong reasons, and now you have an audience that could care less about you or your offers. 

Going viral is overrated. Learn how to build the systems first. 

That’s what you’ll get inside this group. 

The right systems to scale your creator business and sell digital products. 

But what’s better than that is: 

You’ll cut the time it takes in half and shorten the learning curve. 

That’s why I built this group. 

Let’s build your empire together. 

What’s inside: 

Private Discord Group

You'll get access to a Discord Community with channels about Trainings, Templates, AI, Wins & Losses, Accountability, and questions

Trainings and courses

Zero to 10K Instagram course: This will fast track your growth on Instagram.

Ultimate Content Machine: My content system that will help you 10x your content.

Reel Deal Masterclass: How to script, edit, and produce killer Reels

Prompts and Templates

Each month you’ll get my monthly strategy written up and access to 100 Prompts, Hooks, and content ideas that you can copy and paste for your own content. 

Who should join Zero to 100K

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram or TikTok, and start a side hustle that could replace your 9-5 income, then this group is for you. 

There’s a few requirements to succeed with this, you need to be able to create content on a consistent basis,  be consistent with how you show up online, and be willing to put in the work. 

You’re not going to go viral overnight and I won’t guarantee that you can even make money with your venture, but you will learn exactly how to build a powerful online personal brand. 

Now Imagine this

  • You have hundreds of followers flocking to your account daily to soak up your content
  • You have momentum at your back and grow 10K follower+ on repeat 
  • You Reach more people with your content in a month than your favorite Netflix show has viewers
  • Getting DMs from clients saying “OMG I love your content, can you help me with mine?”
  • You have more time and freedom because you’ve finally dialed in your strategy and systems

Here's what's possible:

$1,000 days selling digital products

@thestevenmellor before and after

$47k course launch (with 90% margins) adding 216K+ followers and multiple revenue streams

Happy customers and clients

Jordan going from 0 to 22k on TikTok in 60 days

Heidi going from 148K to 295K+ in 5 months, launching her own app, and reaching ~14M people

More happy clients

Ian taking his profile from 3K to 68K in 1 year and locking in 5 figure brand deals.

Digital products and workshops lead to $1,500 days

Adding 27K followers on TikTok in 30 days and growing Stories views by 800%

Money Back Guarantee

If you watch all the content and trainings, and you show up to the first 2 live calls, and STILL don’t get any value from this. I’ll send you a full refund. 

Here’s How You Join

Pick a plan that’s right for you (Monthly or Yearly), and after checkout, you’ll get an email from me welcoming you in and you’ll also get an invite to the community that you should join. 

Now keep in mind, as this Club grows, the price will increase and once you’re in, you’re locked in at that rate. 

Stop guessing with your Instagram strategy and lock in with these proven systems. 

Click the subscribe button to get access to everything you need to hit 100K this year. 

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Zero to 100K Membership

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