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Viral Intro Hook CustomGPT

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Viral Intro Hook CustomGPT for ChatGPT

Now you can create really good fkn hooks — instantly. 

Take the best (proven) content from TikTok and plug it right into our customGPT. 

It’s going to do its thing, process the video, get the transcript, and then spit out 10 usable hooks just like that. 

But wait — there’s more!

When it’s finished with its initial run through it’s going to give you 3 more options. 

  1. You can run it again to generate more hooks
  2. You can export it to a CSV to upload or share them 
  3. You can have it create hooks based on emotional triggers!

You don’t even have to think anymore ⁣😂

10,000 Hooks later - Wish I had this tool sooner

Stop using the same worn out hooks everyone else is using and start crafting some truly genius hooks today

p.s. Intro Hooks is free (while in beta) — if you like these, we have 5 more customGPT releasing asap and the only way to get early access to those is to join the waitlist.  

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Viral Intro Hook CustomGPT

15 ratings
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