Ultimate Content Machine

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In order to grow an audience in 2023, you need to make massive amounts of content.

Think about it...

→ It’s absolutely free to produce

→ Gets you in front of your ideal clients (who are ready to buy)

→ Estimated to be a $38 Billion market (and rising)

→ And Grows your brand lightning quick

…when it’s done right. 

Now I’m willing to bet that...

→ You’re not getting nearly the engagement that you want on of your content

→ Your content is often hit or miss with Reach

→ You’re not getting as many leads as you hoped

→ And you’re struggling to keep up with creating AND running your business

This isn’t going to be any of that BS 💩 where...

→ It gives you cookie cutter hooks (that are overplayed)

→ It tells you to use AnswerThePublic .com to find content

→ Or tells you to post tips or to ‘share your story’

Now what this will do is...

→ Help you build a robust, evergreen content system that scales

→ Shows you how to turn 1 idea into 72 pieces of content

→ Give you powerful framework that you can apply today and improve

Whether you have 1,000 followers or 100,000 followers 

And it doesn’t matter if you want more leads or more followers

→ it’s going to help you make a bullet-proof content system that will print views and leads

Now I bet you’ve never seen a content system that helps you do this in just 10 hours per week 👇

When you’re ready to start taking content creation seriously and tap into that $38 Billion Dollar market

Click “I want this!” and discover how to build a content system that scales and prints views.

What you get when you Enroll in UCM:

✅ Create 30 Days of content in a single day

✅ Turn 1 Idea into 72 pieces of Content

✅ Build a Content System (Ultimate Content Machine) 

✅ From Idea to Published [My Content workflow]

✅ How to repurpose content Correctly

✅ Software and Apps that will 10x your workflow

✅ PLUS: PDF download of presentation

BONUS: My Notion Content System ($47 value)

BONUS: (250) Viral Hook, Captions, and CTA library (expanded edition) ($47 value)

You may be asking “Is this course really for me?” It is for you if...  

→ You're a Content Creator, Solopreneur, freelancer, or a service provider

→ You’re just starting out or you're starting over or you have 200K followers. 

→ You’re building a business or personal brand on social media

→ You want to make better content that gets more views AND engagement

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What happens after you enroll in the Ultimate Content Machine:

→ You’ll get immediate access to UCM, my Notion dashboard, and the Presentation slides

→ I'll also send you a link to download the Gumroad app for mobile access

→ You'll create a Gumroad account to access the files on the day of the events


What If I have a team and I outsource my content? 

This Content System will work regardless if you're a solopreneur or have a big team. It's designed to scale and produce high quality content ideas that just need to be created or recorded, so you just have to hit publish

What sort of guarantee do you offer?

I've seen this product work for people who apply these systems, and I've tried to make it bullet-proof, but in return all I ask is that you dedicate 30 days to working this system, attend the live workshop (or watch the recording) and if you're still not satisfied with the strategies and systems enclosed and feel like they're not working for you → Submit a request to support@stevenmellor.com and I'll refund you.

Will this work for TikTok or just Instagram? 

This is a universal content system. It will produce help you high quality content faster and that gets results regardless of what social media platform you're on. Short Form content all follows a similar flow > this will teach you how to master that.

What if I’m not on other apps, I’m just on Instagram or TikTok

Instead of producing 12-15 pieces of content from 1 idea, you'll be able to produce 7-8 platform specific pieces. The added benefits come in diversifying your brand and being omnipresent (which you should be doing anyway)

Click “I want this!” and discover how to build a content system that scales and prints views.

I want this!
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Ultimate Content Machine

9 ratings
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