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Zero -> 100K Membership

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Zero -> 100K Membership

Steve Mellor
10 ratings

Welcome to the Zero -> 100K Membership

-> Save ~40% by switching to yearly <-

The mission of this membership is to help get you to 100K followers and/or $100K in revenue from Creating Content and growing your social media following.

✅ Monthly Guest Trainings (Legends Only)
✅ Monthly Private Zoom Q&A (Legends Only)

✅ Legends Discounts off Courses & Workshops (25% off)
✅ 10 Viral Video breakdowns per month.
✅ 30 Post topic ideas per month
✅ 30 fresh scroll-stopping hooks per month
✅ 30 Story Ideas per month
✅ My Strategy of the Month
✅ Telegram Community Access
✅ Discounts off Courses & Workshops (10% off for Pros)
✅ Access to all previous months
✅ Cancel anytime, no long-term commitment

Say Goodbye to expensive high-ticket coaching

You don’t need expensive 1:1 coaching to get to where you want — you know that.

You also don’t need a $4997 12-week program to see dramatic gains in your online business. Nope…

but what you do need — is to take action.

You need strategies you can implement today.

You need proven content templates that work.
Say hello to the Zero to 100K membership.

100K followers. 100K revenue stream.

Say goodbye to expensive high-ticket coaching and get an entire Marketing degree’s worth of knowledge and strategy for the price of a Netflix membership.

Say Hello to content you can actually use.

Expert strategy, exclusive guest speakers & trainings, monthly templates, and unlimited access to my library of on-demand trainings on building & growing multiple 100K pages on Instagram and TikTok

Monthly Strategy

Each month I'll give you a new framework and monthly strategy to help you turn into a content producing machine.

Wins & Losses

We’ll go through the past month of wins & losses from business and content and see how we’re going to adjust for the next month.

Monthly Templates

You get 30 Hooks, 30 Post ideas, 10 Viral video critiques, and 5 Story ideas every month — on repeat.

Monthly Trainings

Exclusive access to sit in on monthly guest sessions and trainings. We’ll cover a wide array of topics around growing audiences and monetizing as a creator.

Swipe Files

These are Notion databases full of the top content online, citing examples, and turning these into templates. Copy and Paste these for your own content.

Mission: 100K

My goal is simple:

To help you get to 100K followers or to add $100K revenue stream to your online business.

Will it be easy — no.

Will everyone get there — no.

But Is it achievable — Absolutely.

When I started this journey back in 2019, I had zero followers, zero revenue streams, and no idea what was possible. (actually I lied — I had 2,285 followers that I got from the follow / unfollow method )


But along the way, we pick up tactics and techniques. We learn the ins and outs of online business and how to grow organically. We develop a process — a method for the madness if you will.

Now looking back from  the other side a few short years later, its 325K organic followers and a multi-6 figure business to show for it — so far.

Let me reiterate — it’s a process. 

It takes time. 

It takes iteration.

It takes finding your voice and style to show up authentically — and consistently.

It takes a collection of a lot of skills and disciplines.

We’re playing the long-game, and that can’t be taught with a single 60 minute course… or workshop… or 1:1 coaching session.

That’s why the Zero to 100K membership exists —

I’m going to pour everything I’ve learned into bite-sized trainings, swipe files, and condense all that knowledge, so that you can take, what took me 4 years and achieve, and cut it in half.

You’ll have all the information at your fingertips to take, implement, and try out for yourself. All of my feedback on why certain posts go viral, expert feedback, Q&A’s, Guest sessions to push and challenge you — all inside this membership.

When you’re ready — tap to join

Here’s whats going to happen after you Subscribe to the Zero -> 100K Membership

1️⃣ You’ll sign into Gumroad and get instant access to everything I mentioned above.

2️⃣ You can download it or copy and paste the templates for use right away.

3️⃣ You’ll be able to get my break down of 10 pieces of content with tips and techniques that you can implement into your own videos and content plus all of the other templates included with the subscription.

Simply click 'Subscribe', fill in your payment info and you'll get immediate access to the strategies and templates.



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