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Gram Crash Course

If you're looking to grow your Instagram and you're tired of sifting through the endless posts from gurus that confuse you or make things way more complicated than they need to be, then you're in luck.

This guide will cut through all of the BS 💩 — it's actually the exact strategy that I've used to grow my account to over 140K+ followers organically (zero paid ads).

This Instagram Crash Course will cover:

1. Picking a niche
2. What makes good content
3. Finding Hashtags
4. Audit your profile
5. Tips for Creating Engaging Content
6. What Types of Content to Make
7. When to Post
8. Creating Engaging Stories
9. Engagement Strategies
10. DMs and Collaborations
11. Analytics
12. Consistency

Coming Soon

🔥 PDF eBook version
🎥 Movies for each section
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# Algorithm(s)
# Sales 
# My Top Performing Content


As this Gram Crash Course grows, I will be increasing the price until this moves into a full feature course. Now is the opportunity to get in on the ground level. 

Who is this for

- If you want to grow a following on Instagram
- If you want to understand how to build an audience organically
- Need a no BS (🐂💩) guide on understanding how Instagram works

How to make the best use of this Crash Course

This Crash Course isn't a ***cover-everything-in-detail*** type of course. This is designed to give you the basics and fundamentals and to get you *started* in the right direction to growing a successful brand on Instagram.

These topics should evoke questions to allow you to dig more and research more on a particular topic. There's so much to learn about growing personal brands, but rather than overwhelm you with everything up front, you need to be curious and start uncovering new ways, techniques, thoughts, and ideas on how you can apply these core concepts to your own journey.

As always, If you get stuck, or you need something explained in more detail → you can always contact me via Email (hi@stevenmellor.com) or in the DMs on Instagram (https://instagram.com/thestevenmellor) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/thestevenmellor).


DM me any questions that you may have on Twitter / Instagram at @thestevenmellor

Future Updates are Free

Once you buy this, you'll get access for life. Additionally, I'll be adding more content to this as I go, so this will be a document that continues to grow and provides more value. 

⚠️ a note of caution: I want to make sure you know 3 things: ⚠️

1. this isn't a magic pill or some gimmick. These are *real* strategies that I still deploy to this day to continue to grow organically.

2. This guide assumes that you already have an Instagram account and have some experience with posting and using the basic features of Instagram.

If you need to step back and get the basics > my Instagram content is loaded with tons of tutorials, how-tos, and examples of content that performs and converts. I'd suggest starting there before diving in to this guide on Growing your own brand on Instagram.

3. Lastly, these strategies are *simple* but that doesn't mean they're easy. It requires lots of effort, consistency, and persistence on your part to be part of the top 1% on Instagram. You have to be willing to work for what you want.

after all, that's what you want right? You want to be part of the **top 1% of Instagram**, to have 10k or 20k followers or 100k followers, to be able to monetize your Instagram and generate income through social media, right?

Well then, let's get started!

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Gram Crash Course

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