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Gram Blueprint

Steve Mellor
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Grow and Monetize your Instagram Account

This is the exact system I used to go from Zero to 180K followers and replace my 6-figure salary without using paid ads.

Order today and get the Gram Blueprint workshop Plus these bonuses

  • Zero to 10K Masterclass included
  • 5 hours of training over 60 videos ($497 value)
  • 12 templates & worksheets ($197 value)
  • 3 bonus workshops ($197 value)
  • The Zero to 10K Masterclass ($97 value)
  • Carousel Secrets eBook ($27 value)
  • 99 Hooks, Captions, and CTAs Notion Templates ($27)

When you finish this easy, actionable course, you’ll… 

Know how to position yourself as an authority and prime your page for massive growth

Know how to create binge-worthy content that people want to engage with and share

Have a deep understanding of the algorithm, how to manipulate it, and make it work for you

How to build an organic following that truly Knows, Likes, and Trusts you

What our customers are saying

The Gram Blueprint has helped over 1,200 students grow their brand and turn Instagram into a profitable revenue stream.

What You’ll Learn Inside

1/ Build your Growth Engine that delivers consistent and repeatable results

Learn the key strategies that drive all organic growth on Instagram. The same exact systems that I still use to grow by 5K-10K followers organically every single month for 3 years straight.

2/ Leverage the building blocks of Storytelling and Psychology to create binge-worthy content

We’ll break down the art (and psychology) behind effective content creation, build a system for churning out daily content, and unlock the power of engagement.

3/ Turn Content Creation into a powerful Lead Generation System

Learn the same system that I still use to bring in 100’s of leads per day and helped build my email list to over 20K warm subscribers using nothing but content.

4/ From Side Hustle to Full Time Income with Instagram

Deploy the monetization systems that can have your calendar booked and inbox flooded with potential customers.

The Gram Blueprint is perfect for you if…

You want to grow your Instagram account organically without using paid ads, paid collaborations, or sketchy techniques

You lead a busy life, maybe you have a busy work schedule, your kids are hanging on your legs, and you only get a few hours to yourself a night — this time needs to pay dividends

You want a system that will teach you to grow without posting 5-6x per day

You have a product or a skill and you need to build a highly targeted audience to market to

You don’t want to dance, lip-sync, or do any of those obnoxious trends

You’ve tried growing on Instagram before and every time you post, you get crickets

You’re getting next to nothing engagement even if you’ve tried everything to get people to comment

Why you shouldn’t buy this course

You already have a Growth and Monetization system in place

You’re not willing to put in the work to grow your audience

You’re looking for a Done For You service instead of a program

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me or my business?

If you’re looking to take Instagram seriously for you or your brand, this will absolutely help you regardless of what niche or Industry you’re in. It teaches my 4-Phase Framework to Build, Create, Grow, and Monetize your Instagram.

What about the latest changes in Instagram?

I periodically make updates to this course as major features release on Instagram. Also, this course is built upon tried and true frameworks, along with what I like to call ‘Algorithm-proof’ strategies. But, in the event that something major changes, I’ll keep you updated via the Private Community Messages.

How long do I have access?

You will have unlimited access for 1 full year.

Does this cover paid ads?

No, this doesn’t cover using paid ads. It only covers organic methods.

How much is the course?

This course retails at $197 and includes full access to all the modules and downloads, as well as access to the private members-only group.

What’s the time commitment?

This course is 5 hours long over 60 videos that you can complete at your own pace.

Will this help me if I already have an audience?

Yes! regardless if you have an established audience or need to start from scratch, this course covers the foundation to the advanced techniques to help you grow.

I purchased the course, what’s next?

– After you purchase the course, you’ll get a couple of emails confirming your purchase along with another email giving you access to the full course.

Here’s exactly what you get with the Gram Blueprint:

✅ Zero to 10K Masterclass included

✅ 5 hours of training over 60 videos ($497 value)

✅ 12 templates & worksheets ($197 value)

✅ 3 bonus workshops ($197 value)

✅ The Zero to 10K Masterclass ($97 value)

✅ Carousel Secrets eBook ($27 value)

✅ 99 Hooks, Captions, and CTAs Notion Templates ($27)

Here’s whats going to happen after you enroll

1️⃣ You’ll sign into Gumroad and get instant access to everything I mentioned above.

2️⃣ You can start watching and consuming the video content.

3️⃣ You’ll get an email welcoming you to the club with a link back to the course and other resources. 

Simply click ‘I want this!’, fill in your payment info and you'll get immediate access to the Gram Blueprint and templates.

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45 Video Lessons
Downloadable Worksheets
Carousel Secrets eBook
Ultimate Post Sizes
Viral Video Hooks
Gram Blueprint Workshop


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