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Notion Content Engine

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Notion Content Engine

Steve Mellor
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Stop me if you've heard this before...

You have the gurus and marketing bros telling you to

-> to use AnswerThePublic for all of your content ideas (these are often very basic) — you should be starting with proven topics and ideas that are known to work.

-> Just document your life and 'be the niche' (which is incredibly hard to start doing and is tough to gain traction from the get go) — you need something simple to get started.

-> Create one long YouTube and 'chop it up' to post everywhere (again, hard to start out doing and usually requires hiring an editor) — this is good if you already have processes and systems in place, otherwise it will just add stress to your plate.

What helped me break from of Scrolling, saving every post as a 'potential' content, was putting frameworks and systems into my content creation process and actually getting organized.

Introducing: the Content Engine

This is a Content Creators dream  — it comes complete with Swipe Files, Content Prompts, Performance Tracker, Ideation, and Writing framework — everything I use to run my solo creator business.

What's Included:
Over 270 templates and prompts!
-> Content Calendar
-> Habit Tracker
-> Daily ToDo Tracker
-> Hook Templates (40)
-> Caption Templates (40)
-> CTA Templates (40)
-> Story Prompts (30)
-> AI Content Prompts (20)
-> Tweets, Threads, and Newsletter Templates (100)

This is what I use to write and organize all of my content and helped me build over 320K organic followers since 2019.

What happens after you purchase:
-> You'll be redirected to the Gumroad dashboard where you can access the Notion Template.
-> You'll also get a receipt for your purchase via email
-> Lastly, you'll get an email from me thanking you for scooping up this resource up along with a special gift (so keep an eye out for that email!)

When you're ready, tap 'I want this' and you'll be taken to the checkout.

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Notion Content Engine with 270 Prompts

Content Calendar
Hook Templates (40)
Caption Templates (40)
Story Prompts (30)
CTA Templates (40)

AI Content Prompts (20)
Weekly Habit Tracker
Daily ToDo Tracker


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