27 Digital Product Ideas

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27 Digital Product Ideas that you can build and launch in a Weekend

You want to create a digital product but aren’t sure where to start? 

Chances are that you’re overthinking it… 

(trust me, I’m the king of over-engineering and trying to pack everything into one offer)

I used to love to call myself a ‘perfectionist’ and drop ‘pixel-perfect’ in where I could. 

Truth is, people don’t care about perfect. 

They don’t care if it’s off by a couple of pixels. 

They just want it done and published — quickly. 

That’s where these 27 digital product ideas come in to play. 

I’ve designed this to get you to take action — like today — so that you can publish this quick and start talking about your new digital product. 

Here’s how it works: 

Once you download this guide (it’ll come in Notion), you’ll open up any tile and there will be instructions on what to create. 

If you keep scrolling down the document, it will tell you…

  • What to build your products in (personally I love building template products)
  • Where to setup your store
  • How to design your cover art (I’ve included resources that I used to build this listing on Gumroad)
  • Tips on How to actually sell your templates

The only catch? Once it’s created, it’s on you to create the content and drive traffic to this newly created resource. 

Hope you enjoy this free resource!

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27 Digital Product Ideas

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